Bigg Boss 9 17th December 2015 Full Episode 68

Video watch online Day 67 Bigg Boss 9 17th December 2015 today latest new full Episode 68 of Colors Tv drama serial Bigg Boss 9 Double Trouble complete show Episodes by colors tv. watch Bigg Boss 9 Episode 68 online. watch bigg boss 9 Day 67.
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Telecast Date: 17th December 2015
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Bigg Boss 9 17th December 2015 Written Update

Bigg Boss 9 17th December 2015 episode starts with Day 67
Song Badshah plays, inmates wake up and dances.

Mandana comes to Keith and says that when i was given duty to wash dishes, people complained that i dont wash dishes on time, today i saw cockroaches in dishes as they were not washed, Keith says Nora washed dishes yesterday but we ate food at night again, there were dishes unwashed, she didnt sleep and woke up early morning so she requested me that if she can wash utensils in morning so i allowed her as i didnt want to create any problem, Mandana says if that was thing then you could have asked me, i would have washed it.
Kishwar tells Rochelle and Suyyash that mandana is complaining about not washing utensils, Rochelle says she doesnt do her work, she just want to fight, Suyyash says she didnt do anything in task.
Mandana says to Rishab that whatever is wrong, i will point it out, Rishab says when i didnt wash dishes, they created issue, Gizele says majority is authority here.

Rishab teases Priya that she should be given title of rule breaker, Priya says you should be given title of over confident, Rishab says your title start with P, now guess it, Priya says its your habit to put down others to boost your ego, rishab says right, he leaves, Priya says i gt affected by people’s behavior with others and i didnt like what Rishab did in task, he was putting me down, calling me cheap detective, Keith says his wound of you taking his protein shake hasnt fulfilled,
Prince says he had no proof that i killed everyone in task.
Gizele says to Mandana that they are cunning, what is cool about them? they are not cool, Rochelle takes 2hours for make up still she doesnt look nice, she doesnt have eyebrows.

Keith’s captaincy has ended, Rishab and Prince will play task to become captain. They will have to form team comprising of girls, girls will have to hold balloons in hand via thread and they cant bent hand. Prince chooses Priya, Nora and Rochelle. Rishab chooses Kishwar, Gizele and Mandana. the team which will keep holding balloon till end will become captain, Keith will be moderator of task.
Prince ask Kishwar to leave thread soon, she says this is cheating, Prince says so what, everything is fair.

Kishwar is holding balloon, Prince says to her that you know our relation has grown, you know who will change and who will remain with you till end, Suyyash is your would be husband but i am your brother already, you need to support me, Rochelle says but fans will see how Kishwar performed in task, Suyyash says no its about whom she is supporting, Kishwar says sorry Rishab i cant say no to Prince, she leaves balloon and give up task, Prince hugs her and thanks her, gizele says to rishab that you should have selected Priya.

Priya says to Prince that i am doing task as i do all tasks and also i will be able to take revenge from you as i will break rules in his captaincy like he did in mine, Rishab says then you wont be going against Prince but against bigg boss, Priya says to Rishab that talk about yourself not Prince, Rishab says if you are making him in lure of task then hats off to you, Priya says i would played sameway if you had chosen me in your team, you know i play tasks well so dont say that i am making him win.
Kishwar feels bad, suyyash says if you think that Rishab chose you as you will complete task for him then dont feel bad, Kishwar says if Rishab had chosen Priya in his team then task would have been difficult.
Rishab says to Priya that you kept saying you are against Prince but now you are supporting him, Priya says he has chosen me so i need play for him, i would have played same for you. Prince says to Mandana that i am always with you, i stood for you when all were against you, you can leave balloon for me, Mandana says dont even try on me, i wont leave it for you, Suyyash its useless to talk to her.
Keith says to Gizele that you are bending your hand, Gizele says Rochelle is bending too.
Rishab says to Priya that now dont leave task for me. Prince says to Priya that give your best till you can, i have taken your name first because i trust you that you wont leave task and will give your 100% to it. Rishab says to Priya that dont leave task for him now as she will get in badbooks of 6people, Priya says let me clear my points, when i was captain, Rishab made things easy for me, i was giving up but Rishab came to me and said to be strong, Prince on otherhand had stressed me out so much and made things difficult for me. Mandana has left her balloon, she talks to Priya and says leave it, Priya says to Mandana that tell Rishab that i am ready to leave balloon for him, ask him to talk to me, Mandana talks to Rishab, Mandana says only 2weeks are left, this is your chance, Mandana ask him to talk to her, this is your 2nd last chance to win, stay in game. Rishab comes to Priya and says i will not blackmail you emotionally, i will say to play with heart, Keith says to Priya that your hand is bent so you will have to leave it, Priya leaves task.

Rishab ask Gizele to leave balloon, you are looking like sailing in titanic, Gizele says i am not doing this for you but i want to feel that i have come in Bigg boss, let me do it, Rishab touches her hand, she ask him to not touch her, Rishab bends her hand, Gizele says to Keith that this shouldnt be taken seriously, she says to Rishab that i want to do task, there is rule that no one can touch anyone, Mandana ask Rishab to not annoy her, Rochelle says to Keith that this is wrong, she should be disqualified, keith reads instruction that if someone takes support or bend hand then she will be disqualified, Rochelle says this is not fair, Keith says dont teach me, it wasnt her fault, Rochelle says but she took support from Rishab, Keith doesnt listen to her.
Keith says to Gizele that i saw your hand bent, Gizele says i didnt bend, you are getting influenced by them, you are getting partial, Keith says id i was partial then i wouldnt have supported you earlier, Gizele leaves task and cries, she says there is so much partiality, Mandana says congrats cool group, you won, Gizele says they are so partial, no one is there to stand against them, Rochelle bent her hand so many times, Mandana consoles Gizele, Gizele says Rochelle was provoking Keith, i just bent my head not my hand and he disqualified me, Keith says i disqualified Priya on this too, Gizele says you did wrong and Karma will hit you back, dont worry.

Mandana says to Gizele that now you understand that they are not fair, Mandana says Keith didnt use his mind, he is servant of cool group.
Priya says to Keith that as moderator you are fair, at first instant you took Gizele’s side when Rishab bent her hand but you didnt took her side in 2nd instant.
Rishab comes to Gizele and says dont feel bad about me, it wasnt your task, i have no problem, when you task will come then take revenge from them, Gizele cries and says they snatched my balloon, Rishab says you are not 5year old kid that crying fro balloon, Mandana says you know these people, they are bad people.
Keith announces Prince as new captain.
Mandana says to Gizele that Keith is girlfriend’s servant, he doesnt listen to anyone else, Gizele says i didnt expect this from Keith, Mandana says Keith is worst, he is Rochelle, Kishwar and Suyyash’s servant.

Prince comes to Gizele and ask her to not cry, set her face right, Gizele says Mandana is bringing water, i will be fine, Mandana comes there with water, Prince ask Mandana to give him 2minutes with Gizele, Mandana says its Gizele’s call, if she wants to talk then i wont stop you, Gizele says to Prince that what he wanna say? Mandana leaves seeing Gizele talking to Prince, Prince says to Gizele that i am not against you, i have nothing to do against you, he leaves.

Mandana says to Gizele that if you are talking to Prince or his groupmates and i come to take you then dont behave like this, like i am forcing you to come with me, you behaved like you want to talk to Prince and i am not letting talk to him, Rishab says yes you should not harm your bonding with her, like if i am talking to someone and Mandana calls me then i say to her that i am coming, Gizele says he said he wants 2minutes to talk to me, Mandana says you could have said to me that go out, i am coming, Gizele says why did you go out? you should be there only, Mandana says what you think that i wanted to listen what Prince was talking? that i like Prince? what you think that i will go in his team? Gizele says dont fight with me, i was not ignoring you, i was blank at that time, Mandana says they think that i brainwash people like Kishwar.

inmates come in garden and sees SRK and Salman’s poster, Priya says husband is not enough, i want them too, all are excited to see them coming together on weekend, suyyash says i am getting goosebumps already, Keith says its going to be amazing, they all take selfie with Salman and SRK’s poster, Mandana and Rishab leaves from there. suyyash says for first time they will come together.

Priya comes Rishab and says i need to read instructions so call your group, Rishab says i will bring my group but you bring your group, Priya says i didnt do task to become part of that group, Rishab says you wanted to enter in that group, Priya says i know i am least in their group, they will sacrifice me first, i talk to Mandana and Gizele but its you who exclude me from this group, Rishab says i have seen your way of playing game, i am swearing on my parents that i was about to leave balloon to return your favor, when Keith said that i have bent my hand so i didnt resist and gave up, i was not giving up for you but to return your favor, Rishab says which favor? Priya says i was not leaving balloon for you, dont tell me that i want to be part of cool group.
Kishwar and suyyash are kissing each other’s cheek, Rochelle comes inbetween, they kiss her, Keith jokes that they are getting physical. Priya comes there and says Rishab taunted me that i am bringing my group, you bring your group, if i wanted to be part of your group then i wouldnt have told Mandana that i am ready to leave balloons, Kishwar says so you dont want to be part of group? Priya says i dont want to be part of any group.

Priya reads instructions that they have 2000luxury budget points but they did some mistakes like Prince getting caught as killer, the killed inmates came out of coffin area, they are deducting 800 points for that and Keith, Nora and Rochelle hided in washroom in whole task and wasnt seen in task so they are reducing 600 points for that, and also they broke rules so their luxury budget is 0. Rishab says i was telling Keith many times to become visible in task, Keith says i might be wrong, i thought that i have to protect myself so hided in washroom, Rochelle says everyone did mistake, Suyyash says i didnt do any mistake, Rishab says you told about killer to other inmates instead of detective, you people didnt understand rules of task.
Kishwar says that Rishab has attitude problem, he could have formed relations but if its his strategy to play game, Priya says i have not same equation with cool group, i have individual equation with everyone, i dont want to be part of group, Kishwar says Rishab had good equation with everyone but he went on to deny everything after suyyash-Mandana’s fight, he wants to play Mandana’s card of being getting isolated, he thinks that his strategy will work, Priya says you form a group when you sit with certain people all the time and do everything together, at this time there are two groups in house, your 6people do everything together and other group is Rishab’s group so if anyone say that there is no groups then its not true, Kishwar says exactly there are groups in house, Priya says i accept that Rishab wasnt part of any group earlier but now he has group.

there will be competition, task name is “smart fit body”, there will be two teams in task, one team will win in end.
team 1-Nora, Rishab, Mandana and Suyyash.
team 2-Prince, Keith, Rochelle and Priya
Kishwar and Gizele will be moderators of task.

inmates will have to pose in different positions of yoga, there will be 3rounds in task.
in first round, Rochelle from team 2 and Nora from team 1 pose in planking position, Rochelle gives up and Nora wins. in 2nd round, Suyyash and Priya stand in position of yoga, Priya gives up so suyyash wins that round. In third round, two boys from one team will lift a girl on their shoulders and girl have to pick 3 bottles one by one from one end and move to other end while being on shoulders of boys. Rishab and Suyyash lifts Mandana and tries to move her but she falls down and couldnt pick bottle while Prince and Keith lifts Priya and easily moves her inbetween two ends, they win third round. Kishwar says team 2 have won task.

Gizele says to inmates that i asked Priya why she is not talking with rishab? i saw friendship between your both, i feel bad for them, Rishab says she knew everything which i like but she put in store room those things only, she put my jacket in store room which i like most, i was the one who broke least rules and was cooperative with her, and i didnt get it, Keith says you should move on now, Prince’s whole suitcase is gone, Kishwar says Priya actually cares for you alot, she is so sad that you are not talking to her and is trying to explain things to you, Rochelle says i was feeling bad for her that you are treating her so rudely still she is trying to pacify you, i was feeling bad so i asked her to no go behind you but she said that there is still hope of friendship again so she will keep trying, she genuinely wants to be your friend, Keith ask Rishab to go and talk to her nicely and solve things, Rishab says fine.

Bigg Boss 9 18th December 2015 Precap : Mandana ask Priya to not cook, Gizele says that is so rude, Priya no one can stop me from making food, she doesnt hold that position, Mandana says i will not cook then, she leaves. Mandana says to Gizele that i wanted to cook alone in kitchen so i asked her to come in kitchen, you wanna hangout with her then go to her, this fight has happened because of you, dont try to become mother india, Gizele gets angry and says you are as mental as Priya. Later Bigg boss shows personal things of inmates and says these are stuff which different captains submitted to bigg boss as punishment, now it is chance to get it back, Prince will have to tell one name who he thinks is missing his/her stuff most. Later Nora and Prince flirt with each other, Nora offers to go on date with Prince, they hug each other

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